Our work

How we do it.


We do our work in the following ways:

  • Organisation Diagnosis: Identifying and understanding where system challenges and opportunities lie and the systemic forces that hold these in place

  •  Leadership Development and Coaching: Nurturing the leadership and creative capabilities of individuals, teams, organisations, and society.

  •  Prototyping a system’s desired future state: creating the landing strips for the desired future.

  • Helping organisations to find and develop their capacity for innovation: Tapping into and weaving creativity into the organisation culture of institutions and teams.



How we do Leadership Development

  •      We take leaders, current and emerging, on learning journeys that enable them reflect and prototype (experiment) how to bring about sustainable desired change.

  •     We engage leaders in one-on-one or group Thinking Partnerships. Individual leaders and groups of leaders    need, from time to time, the accompaniment of an ‘outsider’ in order to see more clearly through the clouds.

  • We help leaders tackle specific challenges that their organisations are facing by designing and facilitating processes for addressing the issue at hand.

Martin Kalungu-Banda

Director, BBS Consulting.