We think of ourselves as helpers to individual leaders, teams, organisations and society because the real work of change and innovation is done by ‘self’ and internal leaders. As outsiders, we bring, for a short period of time, the presence and skills that kick-start that which can only be Nurtured by internal helpers – the leaders of the system.



       Aggie Kalungu-Banda

Aggie is the Managing Partner of Beyond Business School Consulting and she also serves as an associate of the Presencing Institute. As an associate of the Presencing Institute Aggie, has had the opportunity to coordinate & co-faciltate learning programmes focused on bringing about profound change at personal and organisational levels. In the recent past she has designed and facilitated leadership and organistion development programme for Nigeria’s agriculture sector, Civil Society Organisations in Ireland, the United Nations Environment Programme – Africa program, Zambia Institute of Human Resources and the National Health Service (NHS) UK. In 2014, Aggie organised and co-facilitated UK’s first Theory U program which shared some of the latest social technologies in systems change and transformation.

Aggie’s other work experience include among others, working as Public Affairs Manager for YWCA England and Wales, Gender Adviser for Oxfam GB’s Humanitarian Department,  Programme Development Manager for Oxfam in Yemen and Kosovo, Executive Director for Zambia National Women’s Lobby Group in Zambia,  Programmes Manager for Women for Change, a local women’s organisation in Zambia, and was the inaugural Coordinator for YWCA Drop-In-Centre for the Young Women’s Christian Association which was the leading organisation in promoting Women’s Rights in Zambia.

Aggie holds qualifications in Organisation Development, Development Studies and Community Development.



Martin Kalungu-Banda

Martin is  a consultant in Leadership & Organisation Development, a designer and facilitator of innovation and organisation change processes, a trainer, coach, writer, and an entrepreneur who has co-founded at least 8 businesses in the last 10 years.
In the last 5 years, he has been facilitating leadership development and innovation programmes for senior executives in Africa, Europe, India, China, and the Middle East.

Martin serves as Core-Faculty Member of the Presencing Institute and Future Considerations and visiting faculty for the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, London Business School and the Copenhagen Business School. Organisations he has consulted for include 3M, The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiatives, HSBC, the World Bank, McKinsey & Company, the United Nations, and the Department for International Development of the British Government (DFID), among others. Martin has conducted leadership-training programmes for senior government officials and ministers in a number of countries.

Previously, Martin served as Special Consultant to the third President of Zambia with the brief to re-introduce the position of Chief of Staff in the Presidency; Corporate Affairs Manager for BP Africa; Head of the Private Sector Poiicy Unit with Oxfam GB in Oxford; and introduced and taught Business Ethics at the University of Zambia

 Bobo Kalungu-Banda

Bobo, a Neuro-Science student of Kings College London, is the co-author of Driftology: How to Access Life’s Greatest Opportunities(2015). She is passionate about the intersection between natural and social sciences. Bobo’s expertise is in innovation, the digital age, interpreting and analyzing social trends. Outside her academic work, Bobo prototypes business initiatives of all sorts. She leads BBS Consulting’s design of presentations, delivery and learning materials.  She is also the company’s Chief Thinking Partner whose roles is to critically challenge processes before they are taken to the client.

Bobo’s long term goal is to set up business initiatives that help to create meaningful employment on the continent of Africa.




                                                                            Dr Jolanta Babiuch-Luxmooore

I have been an academic, and have been involved in researching, teaching and lecturing in Britain and Poland. I also have experience in communicating though publications, presentations and conferences addresses. I was the founder and first elected chairperson of Transparency International Poland.

Currently, I am a specialist Lecturer at the Oxford Brookes University Business School, and I also teach Sociology, Organisational Behaviour and mindfulness at St.Clare's Oxford. Before joining Brookes, I worked at the University of London, where I taught and held a Post-Doctoral fellowship. 

In 2007-2008 I worked as an adviser and a researcher for the West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau. I conducted research into the conditions facing migrant workers from Eastern Europe in the county.

I have published articles and books int eh field of sociology religious studies, corporate social responsibility and business ethics. 

Currently, I am doing an MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBAs) at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (School of Psychology, Bangor University). My research interests focus of mindfulness and ethical decisions making in business.

I have been trained to deliver the MSc in Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBAs) at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice int he School of Psychology at Bangor University and at Oxford University.

Among other assignments, I currently run an eight-week Mindfulness courses for students and staff at Oxford Brookes University and St Clare's as well as for the general public.