12 Principles

Over the years of working with leaders in business, government and civil society, BBS Consulting has generated the following 12 principles that seem to guide successful leaders:




1.      Strive to develop and stick to timeless values.

2.      Cultivate a deep sense of awe for Nature and (within it) Human Beings.

3.      Allow oneself to be inspired by the giftedness of others.

4.      Have the courage to do what is right even when what is right is not popular.

5.      ‘Preach the Gospel’ and where necessary use words – lead by example.

6.      Regularly and consistently find time for silence and reflection

7.      Be willing to live with paradoxes.

8.      Practice humility.

9.      Have the ability to surprise opponents by believing in them.

10.  Create time for celebration and fun.

11.  Be intentional about leaving a worthwhile legacy.

12.  Know when and how to quit.